A Little Raccoon Action

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In a galaxy far far away on a blog that has far to many birds....until now...the suspense...I dunno where that's going. You have all clearly seen the title and this post doesn't have any birds in it. But it DOES have a few raccoons.

This week was filled with attempts to locate my avian friends and me struggling to capture the shots I wanted as the waterfowl molt and the shorebirds were really evasive.

But alas, the raccoons came to the rescue and I had a week filled with sunrises and sunsets filled with these furry friends and their antics.

I clearly spend to much time focused on the trees and not enough on the ground since these clips turned out to be some of my most memorable of the year as the young raccoons were learning to keep their balance on the slippery rocks as the scrounged for food and the adults seem to maintain their composure while rounding up a family of 6 youngsters that clearly just cannot behave.

Anyhow, as I fall further behind with sorting photos again, I decided I needed to put SOMETHING up on the site for some fresh wildlife photos and video, so here is a compilation from 3 different raccoon rampant locations throughout the week.


Young Raccoons At Play - South Dakota

Adult Raccoon After Sundown - South Dakota

Bill Van der Hagen

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